Top Tips When Buying a Motor Boat

Posted on: 10 July 2019

Buying a new boat is exciting, especially if you are a water sports enthusiast. A checklist of the various features you would want in your dream boat will ease the buying process. The extract below discusses some considerations to make. Size of the Boat How many people will the boat carry? If you need the boat to take your family for a fishing trip, consider family-friendly boats such as cabin cruisers or deck boats.
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4 Reasons to Buy Used Motorbikes from Dealerships Instead of Private Sellers

Posted on: 25 October 2018

There are plenty of things you need to think about when buying a used motorcycle, but probably the most important is whether to buy from a private individual or a dealership. Buying privately comes with a few advantages, but most people are better off looking at dealership inventories. Here are just four reasons why. 1. Peace of Mind You always take a bit of a gamble on reliability when you choose to buy from a private individual rather than a dealership.
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Some Important Questions to Ask When Renting a BBQ or Party Boat

Posted on: 3 October 2017

A BBQ boat, or any type of party boat, is a great choice for when you want to relax on the water with family and friends. These boats usually have a larger footprint than speedboats or fishing boats so they can accommodate more guests, and a BBQ boat will have a built-in grill for cooking. When you're ready to rent such a boat, note a few questions you want to ask the rental agency so you can get the right boat and know how to operate it safely, while also making the most of your time on the water.
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How to Take Care of Your Boat's Diesel Engine

Posted on: 23 June 2017

A diesel engine might be the best choice for a larger and heavier boat, as this type of engine is made for supporting heavier loads. While a diesel engine is meant to be very strong and durable, it will still need regular maintenance and repairs; note a few tips for taking care of your boat's diesel engine so you know it will last as long as possible and always be ready to go when you're ready to hit the waters.
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